25 September 2009

Waterlilies, centuries


joel said...

now THAT is a cool picture. of course i am going in reverse chronological order - so i may have missed a lead up. you have actually captured the idea of fractional dimensions in representing 3 dimensions in 2 dimensions!!!!!!!!! that is a pretty cool bit of thinking IMHO.

-- joel.

William K. Moore said...

Hi Wayne.. so good to see an artist like you using traditional and non-traditional media to create work... work that marches beyond the public's imagination and yet bears an open invitation for involvement. Beethoven.. say no more...

wayne said...

Hi Joel, Your very kind comment is much appreciated! And too generous, since, if i think hard about it, i really don't know whether I'm working in-between dimensions, across dimensions, or dimensionally-'encapsulated' in some way... I don't even know what a dimension really is! But it seems a 'dimension' (in common parlance) somehow correlates with a kind of abstract integral space.

Thanks again Joel. I doubt if my work has achieved anywhere near the dimensional synthesis you describe but I do appreciate your kind observations

wayne said...

Hi WK,
Thanks for taking the time to see what I've been painting.. and for kind words.
Regarding LVB, i agree: "Beethoven.. say no more...". His music is beyond words, except perhaps the very words he himself chose to include in the finale of his 9th symphony: an adaptation of Schiller's Ode, sung by four soloists and massed choir.
Anyhow, I'm reminded I'm well and truly overdue to visit your blog. (Actually I did have a recent quick squizz at your blog, and v quickly realised I'm going to have to revisit and spend an entire evening studying and (hopefully) writing about even a single work!!

David Burge said...

Gentle and humorous, a neat idea..
hehe makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

What a cool concept. Re-rendering, re-inventing - with new media. Accessible, yet high-minded. Love it.


wayne said...

Hi David, glad you got a bit of a chuckle. I thought about the CDs from the preceding LVB9 posts/story, and had the idea of floating a CD firstly on a small fishpond, then in a large terracotta pot with some waterlilies (you see here). It was tricky photographing this so that the terracotta rim wasn't showing. Otherwise it wouldn't have quite looked like Monet's pond at Giverny, heheh.
I kind of liked the idea of a waterlily (which usually closes after nightfall) remaining open through the lunar-like CD disc, a kind of centennial shimmering nocturne at dusk.
[Hmm, no i haven't had anything to drink tonight except H2O..]
cheers anyhow (with water)

wayne said...

Hi Schmidt, thank you so much for your positive feedback: ...for new perspectives offered with a crispness and clarity of expression! A sincere "thank you" for all the positives you saw,

Nick said...

Whoever dreamed a photo of CDs could be beautiful? (thinking about a frog on one of the discs, and inserting a lily pad into the Blu-ray to see what happens)BTW, I rarely, if ever, have a seen a convincing watercolor of lily pads. But I know who could pull it off!

wayne said...

Nick, I looked for odd numbers under the comments for pictures (as maths-people do) and couldn't believe it but here's another comment i missed (in replying to yours)! Please again accept my sincerest apologies. I will try to keep an eye on my comments tallies being even or odd. It's no guarantee that i won't miss one, but it can help..

Re the Blu-ray, i still have the old Red-ray variety, but i think the old DVD player might croak all the same.
Your story of a frog-on- a-lily-pad in a DVD reminds me of a time when our old VCR (remember them??) suddenly stopped working: we tried inserting video-cassettes and they just wouldn't go into the thing past a few inches. I persevered for a good while, then decided to push open the hinged flap of the VCR and peer inside. The problem was immediately apparent: not a waterlily, no. BUT our 3-yr old son had inserted a large piece of cheese AND a toy car deep into said VCR! Garage you see?!! Once removed, the VCR worked like a charm.

Best wishes and enjoy Europe,
Thx again Nick!!