09 October 2009

For artwork LVB9, please refer to posts below "Waterlilies, Centuries"

LVB9 is a large multimedia installation artwork (see LVB9 posts below) inspired by Beethoven's 9th symphony. [More commentary is below each image (please scroll downwards). Further new work should be posted soon..


Nick said...

"further new work..." Make the chest pound!

wayne said...

Hi Nick, I'm so sorry that I somehow missed this kind comment! Not the first time I've done so.
Anyhow, as you can now see, I am in 'interval' mode. The waters stir.. yes "further new work" got me thinking about 'forgotten older work'. (Also certain music inspired me greatly just recently.)

As I like to say "There is nothing new under the sun. Except that which is the Oldest."
In a whimsical way, the artist's journey seems to reflect something of this.