22 September 2009

Mystery of music


perugina said...

On first view one simply sees a CD – an instantly recognisable object.
Amazing to see the colours of the rainbow!
colours of the universe on this small 12 cm disk/circle
a wavelength of white light refracted by its reflective silver surface
the ability to carry on it la musica - a pulse
beating and beaming the music
reaching out
as music and colour can
si, il mistero della musica
isn't it wonderful?!

wayne said...

PG, I floated a CD on a small pond: dropped it gently onto the water. This is the unaltered photo. . Floating, CD poised between water and air, in the enigmatic 'in-between'. Air pushing down, water supporting in equal measure. Here with this disc, the diffracted colours change with the least movement of the observer, and with the changing light of day... more metaphors of music.
To me, there are many resonances (very concordant with your own observations and thoughts). It appears perfectly simple, yet complexly beautiful, as you say, "colours of the universe on this small 12cm disk/circle" and "...the ability to carry on it la musica". It reminded me of a galaxy in a star-field: the numerous suspended motes in the pond caught in the afternoon sun looked like stars in deep space.
Thanks again PG for your inspiring comment!
Best wishes, Wayne