16 February 2009



seagulls squawk in the near distance,
wind gusts blow bursts of static in my ears

pelicans catch my eyes..

such big-billed birds
beautiful. i wait for their song too..

but there was no song ,
and the wind in my ears
now suddenly seemed like music,
accompanying theirs.

how the pelicans fly, glide!
outstretched, divide invisible air
now reunited behind their flighted paths
wings like double boomerangs conjoined,
arc of sky, pelicans,
how perfectly,
they fly.

huge airfoils of flight lift: white,
edged with beautiful dark feathers,
ailerons adjust..

..touch down touchlessly, flare,
skim glassy water,
wings folding,
now folded,

they watch,

as ships
go by.

photo © 2006 W Roberts
words © 2009 W Roberts

Link to
RSPCA (Animal preservation/primary care)

11 February 2009

Earth Circle, 2

Charcoal on two overlapping sheets, HP paper
58 x 63cm, © February 2009, Wayne Roberts
.. an imperfect rendering of an *ideal*

Link to Red Cross .