23 September 2009

"LVB9" (close-ups of CD collage area)

LVB9 (close-ups of CD collage area) R-upper, R-door panel.
See Post below for entire LVB9 work & commentary.
Inspired by Beethoven's 9th symphony


Nick said...

The last one in particular is outrageous, that would be a painting I'd love to be able to do. You've got me breaking out the von Karajan set

David Burge said...

Like a symphony this piece contains many layers harmonizing and contrasting. Opposing forces coming together to create. CD's, Doors, LEDs, Stuff, Light, Mathematics.
You're not an Artist you're a force of nature.

Congratulations on a very engaging, surprising and deeply satisfying work Wayne! As a stand alone work it's textural dimensions, and sensory allusions are very attractive and as I said engaging, but in the context of your writing and theory it's just the tip of the iceberg.
It surprising as is an archeological dig in a rich place; the heart races at the possibilities.
It's satisfying in that it's individual elements relate and combine to articulate a greater universal truth than the sum of the parts.

wayne said...

Nick, that "last one" has the musky 'opalescent' colours (David also mentions below).

The thing that aquamedia artists like you guys and others will instantly recognise here is that these patterns/images are the result of water and various liquids. They are instantly recognisable as having been 'eroded, dislodged, dissolved, or slowly moved by watery effects. (Other areas show adherence/bonding & dislodging.) ...water has been at least one of the key players in most of this work.
cheers, Wayne

wayne said...

David you've certainly read the blurb on the media used! (e.g. "stuff" that I called "detritus", lol). There's a bit of a funny story to the 'doors". i was actually going to the hardware store (timber yard) to buy some timber to make a frame and support for a canvas-on-panel art work. BUT, as I was waiting and wandering around the timber yard i noticed a pile of primed doors, on sale! They were practically giving them away, and I'm surprised they weren't walking out the door (heheh) It didn't take me long to scrap my earlier plans and buy two doors instead. That was the beginning of LVB9, the painting.

David, thank you for such encouraging accolades!!! But i'm under no illusions about being "a force of nature"!! [Hmm, first I'd have to do far more push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, squats, and wot-not.. lol ]
..But I do genuinely appreciate your kind compliments, and accept the generous spirit in which you offer them.

I'm happy you see the connection to the theory work. For me that aspect of the painting is a key element and a more abstract 'portal', yet i also realise that to many it would be of only passing or anecdotal interest, if any at all. It was partly for this latter reason that I put the geometry into a more textural reflective/diffractive form, hinting at an organised structure and meaning.
Cheers and thanks again,