03 October 2008

Resonances in a seaside rock pool

There is a small rockpool near Murramarang on the NSW south coast

Resonance 1: Fleming's discovery of the Penicillium mould's ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the vicinity of the mould.

Resonance 2
'Earth from space' (islands, the pool's circle becomes the arc of Earth's oceans)

Resonance 3 "The Starry Night" (stars, nebulae, and constellations).

© 2005-2008 W Roberts


Nick said...

Any one of those could be paintings of your's....I believe you're one of those who can see the earth in a grain of sand. Impossible to run out of ideas...the problem: which one(s) is there time enough to paint!

wayne said...

Thanks Nick!

Check out the scrolling quotes above [in the header]- those luminaries could catch the Universe in a few words: in pure thought. I take about half an hour to write half a word sometimes !

David Burge said...

Great work Wayne, I particularly like the resonance between the first two.
Clever and understated!
I'd love the see these at about 9sqM.

wayne said...

Thanks David,
Finally(!) I am getting around to writing/responding to some kind comments from friends (such as yours here)! Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for your affirmative words regarding especially the first two. I hadn't thought about imagining these being about 9sqM(!!) but it's great visualisation of yours and would be really in tune with my intent here within this mini-series which is to kind of 'zoom in' on a virtual looking-glass: the small rock pool. To have the images as large as you envisage/imagine would maybe see beach-goers crouched on headlands stooping over rock pools, LOL!!!

Actually around that time I was very unwell, and so looking back at these I am kind of reminded of not only that but also of the way that little rock pool was like a window: as I (figuratively speaking) 'looked down', there was a small bright 'window' - 'looking up', reflecting the sky, and other wonders...

cheers:) and thanks again
Best wishes,

PS I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art... I'm finding the compositional asymmetric divisions which combine and correlate to form a 'connected whole' and the colour integrations in your recent works is really fascinating.