17 October 2008

Judith Roberts - artist - my mother

This is a 1954 oil painting of my mother's. Logger's Trail (the Rockies). I thought it needed to be seen by a wider audience. You can see I'm not the only one of my family (all of whom are artists) who's inspired by mountains. I hope to post an oil of my father's of the Gippsland region in Australia from around the same time .. so keep an eye out for that one.. cheers~W


Nick said...

That's a seriously good painting - impressive to see an oil that rivals watercolor for crispness and clarity. I'm not surprised the parents are great artists...I've seen your brother's work, and of course I think you more than anyone has put contemporary watermedia on the map in Australia.I'd like to feature the "most dangerous man with a brush" on my blog soon - about time to pay tribute to one of my art heroes, Wayne Roberts!

perugina said...

Between reading your post and the above comment by NNG, you are a family of accomplished artists I see, how wonderful and inspiring.

“Brushes at 10 paces?” could also make for dangerous rivalry.
Also, “Most dangerous man with a brush” which will feature on Nick’s blog soon, has my imagination fired up – sorry couldn’t help myself here - this has really gone off!… Is it any wonder with all this talk of “heroes, rivalry, maps and danger?” :)

Your mother’s painting is beautiful, I thought it a watercolour at first.
Will look forward to viewing your father’s painting of the Gippsland region and other works you will no doubt showcase from the gallery of “la famiglia Roberts.”
la Perugina

wayne said...

Hi Nick and PG!

Oops I forgot to reply here to your kind comments (:∫

Firstly Nick
Yes it is a seriously good painting of my mother's and it seems (I have it here) as crisp as if it were painted yesterday. No cracking or crazing, no yellowing. Possessing a certain 'clarity' as you say!

I appreciate your very generous words in regard to my work. Your own work in watermedia is like a bright star* Your wide-angle term 'watermedia' I particularly identify with since, via acrylics inks and other flow media, the scope available to flow-media artists has opened right up.

Cheers Nick. For me, it's great to be able to dialog with an artist who can really paint (performance aspect, improvisational ability, articulate expression) and who has an intellect to match!

Thanks too for your very kind words! Yes, my mother's oil painting does look a bit like a watercolour. In fact, from 1984 to 2005 she painted almost exclusively in w/c. (No, not that kind of 'w/c'!)

Your description of my family, as 'la famiglia' sounds so much more poetic than simply the more pedestrian word 'family'!

I can't speak Italian or Spanish, and my French has all but flown out the window... but I guess we all understand the language of colour:

The equilateral 'triad of primary colours' stands as a curious paradox of simultaneous differentiation and integration of the three primary colours. They may be different. Yet only because they are the same.

cheers & best wishes,

PS I have just posted a painting of my father's, the Gippsland one I mentioned...

David Lobenberg said...

Love the quotes, especially the one on names. Another word for names are labels. Labels simplify and diminish the richness of life. The late William Buckley described himself as having a fine jeweler's eye. I like that.

Unknown said...

Hello Wayne,
I have 2 of your mother's beautiful watercolours, purchased on a visit to your Canberra gallery many years ago. They take pride of place in our house. As we are now travelling to Brittany this year, I was wondering if you could give me an insight as to the location of her painting titled "Jugon Les Lacs- Petite Cite de Caractere" Bretagne. I could include a picture if she did more than one piece of work with that title.