21 April 2011

Cellular membrane - colour modulations

A visual poem Animated GIF digital composition (detail) full size 564px x 376px 
© 1998-2011 Wayne Roberts.

This animated GIF computer image i made around '98. It's a slightly larger version of the same image as on my www.wroberts.com.au website's poetry page. I decided to post it here because it relates to the Equinox collage painting's compositional rationale (see below), and gives a feel for the polygonal dynamics alluded to in the commentary to Equinox (but here the colours rather than the shapes of the polygons are modulating). 


William K. Moore said...

Hi Wayne - any plans to bring this to the 3rd dimension? It is enjoyable to watch and I can imagine it also as an environment that interacts with the viewer and vice versa. I enjoy how the work morphs either actively as it does here or (passive) subjectively in the back of the observer's gray matter. Always thought interactive environments created by a collective effort to be one of the peak artistic experiences.

wayne said...

Bill, bringing this to the 3rd dimension is a logical and desirable extension. And then the 4th (if one adds in time, as in music). Interactivity would be a bonus for sure. I made some interactive Flash animations years ago but the scripting was time-demanding back then and was taking me away from more basic geometry and theory that I was and remain more interested in.
Many of us, myself included, regard you as the master of the 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th (etc) dimensions as inferred/invoked in and through much of your art/compositions and your ability to utterly convince one of previously unimagined dimensional realms: intrasecting, voyeuristic, light-logical 'post-Riemannian' topologies that weave through your oeuvre. I'm therefore all the happier that this small 2D simple metaphor of *color-morphing forms* strikes some mutual chord..
Thanks again Bill for checking in here..

Nick said...

I'm nothing but a waterboy here, but this piece reminds me of a closeup of some things I paint, and the fractal type of approach to building larger forms. Is it just two alternating images?

wayne said...
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wayne said...

Hi Nick,
it's actually about 4 or 5 rotating colour-variable images but you're absolutely on the button in essence: the concept in this little graphic is none too complex.
It's not exactly a *fractal* (sorry i forgot to finish this middle bit of my reply (on fractals) last night! ).. It does have flavors of a certain 'self-similarity of forms' that fractals have, and the 'fractal coastline' resonates within it in a way. But it wasn't generated by a fractal program or an equation iterated back on itself. It was created through a sequence of pixelated re-geometrized stages, then the color histograms were varied for each frame of the gif. One advantage of animated GIFs is that they render in most browsers and don't need plugins to view.. which is a big plus
cheers again, wayne