03 January 2009

Earth Circle

A music-art comp i just completed (3rd movt of a brief 4-movt orchestral suite).. plus a few paintings included from over the years...


perugina said...

Inspiring visually and aurally I watched this many times over Wayne.
Your orchestral suite, if only in part, is moving and combined with your words written is very emotive.
Your works intermingled I see are very select, showing key elements air, rock/earth and water.
Your watercolour work showing a vast dark sky which brings forth nature’s illuminations ‘una stellata meravigliosa’ a starry marvel – ‘un sognio’ - a dream (I apologise for expressing myself in Italian here for sometimes the words come to me easier than in English and I feel have an emotion all their own.)
The majestic mountain aspiring to great heights - hope.
Water – deep, invigorating, bringing forth life.
Beautiful Wayne is what I see in this snippet.
Sharing is also to be part of a circle –just wonderful.

David Burge said...

Superb Wayne!

I love the feel of your composition. Must hear it all!!

Your Creative Well is always refreshing and invigorating.

We leave for Alice tomorrow morning so am making this a brief one. Midnight now, just finished packing.

I'm glad I dropped in tonight, needed that, thanks again.

Happy New Year

Nick said...

A good post from Patricia. :) Like a scrap of DNA, this bit reveals Renaissance Man you truly are, Wayne! Art, music, science, mathematics, philosophy. I'm sure you could make your mark in any one of these endeavors, and of course you already wrote the book on watermedia painting. I like the music here! - what did you do it on? I hope at least one of the movements will feature violin soli.Bravo sir.

wayne said...

Hi PG,
Thank you so much for your beautifully expressed comment! I'm a little at a loss for words. Certainly Italian ones! [But you're teaching me some fine ones here ... ]

Your invocation of the visionary Italian phrase ...'una stellata meravigliosa' is filled with a sense of wonder, of the panoply of Nature, a starry marvel. Three words: una stellata meravigliosa. Yet they seem to 'carry' the whole Universe. The 'una stellata mervigliosa' phrase reminds me of first seeing Van Gogh's The Starry Night (the original) -- a quite compelling experience.

Somehow, it seems my faltering attempts to proceed in combining several 'intangibles', the cornerless circle and a certain transcendence of Elements, all within a 'snippet' seems to have found some 'resonance':) Thank you PG! In my wildest 'sognio' I couldn't have asked for a more encouraging first comment than this one of yours. May the stellata meravigliosa shine upon you in every way...
Have a great 2009!

wayne said...

Hi David,
Thanks for your very kind words and for checking in here even at such a late hour in Perth!! All the best for the move to Alice -- looking forward to seeing your paintings in the coming months, (...sure many to be inspired by Central Oz). Happy New Year David to you and yours, cheers,

wayne said...

Hi Nick, Glad you liked my composition. It's a token. Perhaps 'emblematic'. I used a score-to-synthesis approach. I haven't taught music to any tennis superstars (as you have!) and I doubt there would be any putting their hands up for a lesson from me (LOL)! I'm sure you would be the only person on the planet to have chalked up that accolade: teaching #1 male and female tennis world champions the guitar!! Actually, teaching is amongst the
noblest of work (IMO), sharing your knowledge and talents with others. In this sense your calendar, rich with seminars, is a wonderful thing and a tribute to your generosity towards others. I am deeply indebted to many fine teachers I have had over many years.

I have never written any book on watermedia. But i guess you meant figuratively speaking, which if so, is very kind, but that's also far too generous. My 'aquamedia work' is not even a drop in the aquamedia bucket. The ancient Egyptians painted with aquamedia in caves and cavernous spaces. So too the ancient Aboriginal culture of this land. The history of aquamedia spans millennia.

Regarding "Renaissance Man", thank you for the spirit in which that is offered:) But i am certainly no Renaissance man. My latest thinking in this area is that there will be no New Renaissance until and unless it is a global one, non-exclusive, i.e. inclusive of everyone. And in saying that, obviously it must be fully and equally inclusive of women (in contradistinction to the former Renaissance).

I simply look for connections between, among, and within disciplines in the hope of
learning and understanding principles, ideas, knowledge, ...i would simply like to help find solutions to planetary and health problems (...there's too many to list individually). It's a big ask Nick but I need some strong and intelligent allies and i know that my dreams are impossible to realise without the mutual support amongst a very large group
of people of diverse backgrounds, talents, knowledge, imagination, vision. I would like my work to be 'healing' and helpful in some way/s. If fellow artists, scientists, mathematicians, researchers in every field, ecologists, logistics experts, applications specialists, etc, combine in a constructive cooperative way, who knows how many global problems could be solved, and rapidly so.


William K. Moore said...

Hi Wayne.. I see your reach into the arts extends more than in one direction. Writing, music, painting, and sculpting? It would be a good thing if the power/money people would see your work here and pay attention. To realign their values somewhat would be miraculous. That is what I see in your work here, the suggestion to reevaluate. For those who don't like change that is a tall order. If the artist can get behind the viewer's defenses then that is an accomplishment in itself. Your work makes great strides in that direction.

perugina said...

Wayne, I can certainly identify with and can relate to your emotional state when you experienced viewing Van Gogh's The Starry Night (the original)- awesome! I remember only too well, as if it were yesterday visiting the Louvre, a few years ago now, experiencing the same overwhelming emotions viewing Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Mona Lisa and walking up the stairs to get closer to the sculpture from the Hellenistic Period (220-190 BC) Winged Victory, at the risk of being left behind in the group to take a photograph because I was awestruck by its luminosity IRL– must hunt that photo down when I get a chance.
I am not as eloquent as you are, and feel very much out of my depth commenting on your work/s. In comparison to many others I experience feelings of inadequacy and if I find myself writing to you it comes from a place which is honest and instinctive as I am no academic, and art I have not studied and for these short comings I apologise.
Italiano being my first language but not really remembering it as such – somehow feels natural and comes to me without really understanding how – it just does. I used to be very ashamed of this as a young child and teenager, fighting it constantly – however now as an adult I embrace it, for this is what makes me who I am.
I wish you every success in your quest to follow your passion - passione (there is another word for you) – passione è realizzare, put simply Wayne, passion is to realise – dream whilst the universe puts on its show and I’m sure the stellata meravigliosa will help to illuminate your way! This I sincerely wish for you.
Thank you for the kindness and support you have shown me.

PS..The word identification which was required for me to type in was persu... how good is that..it is a good omen.

wayne said...

Hi ωκ and ρG,
Many many thanks for your ever-so-kind comments! :) I was trying to write replies to each of you, last night, but found myself, at 12.30am, needing a little extra time to express my gratitude to you. So, just wanted to post this comment (first thing this morning and after a little shut-eye) to say thanks so much for your support and encouragement:) I will try to write again later today ..., best of wishes,

wayne said...

Hi ωκ -- In EC i began with music. And the music begins concurrently with the appearance of a circular seemingly-empty set of words: "How often we forget... (to remember)." It's like Robert Kaplan says (refer to rotating quote in header) "If you look at zero you see nothing; but look through it and you will see the world." [The Nothing that Is, Kaplan, R, p1., line 1.) If there exists within the comp a "suggestion to reevaluate", for me, it is this: Is there, broadly speaking, across the planetary domain, a principle of dynamic harmony (in forms, in spatial alignments and configurations, timing/sequencing etc): 'music in kind'? I mean at every level. From the cellular and molecular levels, and on up through mutitudinous lifeforms and ecosystems, and up through cultural levels, intercultural levels, environmental levels, global levels. If not, why not? How can values be 'realigned' to achieve forms of resolution, healing, harmony? The circle here is emblematic of both that question and its answer.

Regarding my "reach into the arts..." it's clearly no girder!! Let's put things into 'Earth-circle perspective'. To quote the catch-line of a television station here in Oz, SBS TV, i'm but one in "six billion stories and counting". The full picture includes trillions of co-inhabitants: the multifarious fauna and flora of Earth, organisms on every scale, land, water, sky,...all are part of the living Earth. There are so many endangered species and habitats... As i write, i remember the song by Sting and its resounding well-known lyric: "how fragile we are"...

Thanks again ωκ for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comment, best wishes

wayne said...

Please accept my sincere apologies for the lateness of my reply here!

It's clear to me that you have a great sense of awe and respect for history and Nature. Combined with "honesty", a keen "instinctive" (intuitive) awareness/ability and a healthy dose of inspiring "Italiano"(!) I feel sure these qualities of yours are the very ones that transform brushstrokes into art, sounds into music. You have youth on your side, whereas I have some left too, and thus some 'youthleftness' LOL!! If anything that i write reads half decently, it's probably laregly because of the passing of the months (or years) or both LOL!! Not because of "training".

My Italiano soars with the thought of the (a Roma) of "Espresso"... As for my Spanish (onions) LOL! LOL!! ... we won't go there! Your translation of "passione e realizzare" is wonderful and something I sincerely treasure and hopefully will always remember. The implied open-endedness of that phrase (and the way you translated it), its inner sense of fulfillment, is imo like 'a circle within three words'.

Your words are like stars. Mine simply try to trace out constellations of meanings:) Yours is among the most encouraging comments I have ever received.
Best wishes and thank you:)

perugina said...

Nothing to apologise for.

As for encouragement…
You will always have it.

”Your words are like stars”….

You have left me speechless...
no English….no Italiano