27 October 2009

LVB9 - installation artwork, music-inpired: now on main website

© 2009 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved. (detail view above)
This work is now on my main art website. Text consists mainly of extracts from my blog, here. Shown above is a close-up view of part of the CD-collage section of the painting.


Nick said...

I love the big pics on the blog, Wayne, thanks for posting those, and the closeups are killers. I've been listening to a lot of Beethoven since LVB9 was unveiled, and tonight it shuttled me over here. It would be fun to "do" the symphonies together and pick out our favorite passages, discussing them over a Foster's (or for me, a healthy spliff). I'm reading again on your site and have to say -- at the risk of embarrassing myself -- I cannot understand how it's possible to get the 10 nodes out of 9 triangles, and yet there it is right in front of my eyes. It almost makes me lose my mind (too late for that, or perhaps requires leap of faith for requisite premise), and is the kind of thing that turned me from the instructor's chalkboard to the undulating hypnotic rhythm of the swaying treetops outside the school. My head encounters something like that and I'm KO'd in the first round. A daydreamer whose meager ability to pierce mathematical concepts went on vacation after long division. Can't tell you how many times I've read Bertrand Russels's "ABCs of Relativity" with a burning desire to understand that fundamental truth, and I just can't get it. Sometimes I think I have it, and it slips away like beads of mercury on teflon. It actually -- no exaggeration -- almost makes me go nuts, sort of like the way an intense game of chess makes my brain feel like it's going to explode. Yet music is mathematics, as my father has always been quick to point out, as he struggles to understand why I don't understand. Anyway, Beethoven just makes the frickin' hair stand up on your arms, doesn't he? Almost makes you believe there could be a God.

wayne said...

Hi Nick, thanks so much for your kind, inspiring and humble comment in praise of Beethoven and also Einstein!
I reread my comment-reply of November and decided to remove my comment because i wasn't satisfied with the tone of how i wrote back then, even though the point i was making about the speed of light (c) i feel 'may be so' and may have 'significant implications' to theories of cosmology. But my comment regarding same was simply at this stage an intuition (albeit a rather strong one, hence i now feel was too strongly put) -> a conjecture on my part. Ultimately, matters like that will depend to a large degree on the work of physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists to further unravel (at least some of) the mysteries and the ever-incredible and awesome Universe. And for them to find empirical evidence to lend weight to, or to subtract weight from, given theories or hypotheses. And, for research findings to be corroborated, or countered, by other teams of independent researchers.

Back to Beethoven, i couldn't agree more that listening to his Ninth symphony can make your hair stand on end! It's inspired and inspiring, and how he could compose such an epic work, when fully deaf, defies reason. Alexander Pope wrote, "What Reason weaves, by Passion is undone." Your comment's concluding sentence also to my mind reflects a salient, respectful and refreshing open-mindedness which i also admire.
Regarding that point, perhaps it's fitting to round off my (hopefully more measured) reply-comment, by quoting from Einstein, "He who can no longer stand rapt in awe is ['numbed']...([the word 'numbed' is a paraphrased one)] "There seems no plan because it is all plan." -A. Einstein
The gist of his words to me is that 'a sense of awe' opens the 'inner-eye' of the mind. To look for (and anticipate/expect) patterns and connections in Nature, and that patterns of various form must exist, was perhaps part of the driving force behind his discovery and relating of the 'pattern' that exists between matter and energy, ultimately encapsulated in a succinct mathematical form, E=mc^2.
Thanks again Nick for taking the time to comment at length..
Best wishes to you and family,