12 October 2009

Cantaloupe Island

See/hear a classic of Jazz Fusion (on YouTube) Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Dave Holland , Jack DeJohnette. Crank it up, and click HQ button lower right-hand corner for better sound qual.


David Burge said...

Interesting that you have posted this link Wayne.
My 15 y/o son Danyon and I cherish this particular version on Cantaloupe Island. We must have watched it almost 100 times over that last couple of years.
It's one of those songs we play together. It's become a part of the family.

wayne said...

David, When I first heard this I was just blown away like you and your son. I have listened to (and watched) this version over and over!

...I've been thinking of taking this vid off the blog.
But anyhow, I thought this version of Cantaloupe Island really deserves to be promoted to the max!! I mean, these guys can play music!! And I thought I'd give it some airplay here. In between visual art posts.

Funnily enough I've been thinking of posting some of my own recent-ish 'musical digressions' or 'excursions' lol (extremely different from 'Earth Circle' of Jan this year, and Cantaloupe Island!!). But I've been having second thoughts. Anyhow meanwhile, i'm having trouble getting the right settings for YouTube- hence vid and/or sound distortions. Anyway, we'll see..

How's your own music been going??

David Burge said...

Well I've been procrastinating about putting some of my musical meanderings out there too. I have a handful of guitar compositions 1/2 finished or requiring a little polish. Keep getting distracted, then return to them and 6 months have passed. "I'll do it tomorrow"!
At the moment I'm honing a set of covers for a wedding in January. Will have a violinist accompanying me. Probably only need about 10 songs, gap fillers for the night. Obviously well known tap your foot to songs.
I don't think I'll attempt to do Herb/Pat Cantaloupe Island though.

sandra flood said...

One of my favorite pieces. I even have it as my ring tone.

Nick said...

I was surprised to see this here, but probably shouldn't be! Thanks for posting, Wayne, I hadn't seen this clip. I do remember the tour, and I was very fortunate to be part of the now-famous 10-day intensive that Pat, Dave Holland, and Jack D (rhythm section in this clip) did at the Creative Music Studio outside Woodstock (a looong time ago). The highlight of which was the New Year's Eve concert at the snowed-in lodge for an SRO crowd of a few hundred. Jack played some piano and hit a wrong chord on Auld Lang Syne! An unforgettable night, I still have a scratchy old cassette of it. Pat Metheny gets my vote for the closest thing to a reincarnated LVB, he's the #1 artistic influence in my life.

wayne said...

Hi Sandra!
More than occasionally I miss a reply "thank you"! My missed replies or delays are always unintended: most often simple oversights, or that I've been at a loss for words, or both!
Thank you very much for your comment, and I'm glad such a brilliant piece of music resonates so strongly for you too! (I'll also have to find a way of making this piece my ring-tone!) The fact that the Cantaloupe Island interpretation (linked to here) is both known and loved by so many does not surprise me. But(!) that the the music is finding such resonance and 'stories of admiration' on this blog (ref yours, David's and Nick's comments) I find wonderful, 'somehow reassuring', fascinating.
Thank you, & best wishes,

wayne said...

Hi Nick,
I know you're a devotee of Pat Metheny! Here, his lead spot is clearly incredibly difficult yet the fingering is equally astonishingly fluent. I'm not a guitarist but I can recognise a kind of supra-dimensionality in his music that is quite awe-inspiring. I particularly admire his ability to thread a melody interspersed with chords, ever beguiling, mesmerising: as if he's never playing in a single key. Ever.
That New Year's Eve sounds amazing! I can imagine Jack D 'having a go on the ivories' and hitting a wrong chord on Auld Lang Syne! ..no doubt among the best chords of the outgoing year?! To be a part of that '10-day intensive' must have been a tremendous experience!
Thanks for checking in here Nick, especially given how busy you are (and have been),
Best wishes