27 September 2008


Hello, welcome... and sincere thanks to my friend Nick Simmons who, as many of you know, is an extraordinary artist/musician/thinker and who encouraged me to kick-off a blog.

The F11 concept plugs into the idea that through a blog a bigger more dynamic and interactive picture is possible than via
my website. Hopefully you will be motivated/inspired to interact/comment, link to this blog, tap an RSS feed, or to simply check in from time to time.


Nick said...

It's going to be mighty interesting to see what happens here! Glad to see you join the blogosphere, Wayne, I'll be a regular visitor and I'm sure countless others will be, too. Waiting for the show to begin!

WAYNE said...

Thanks Nick! I guess now the work is cut out for me in trying to keep content flowing through here. I'll do my best.. BTW congrats on your latest first-prize-winning artwork!

David Burge said...

G'day Wayne, It's exciting to see you in blog mode.
However there's no pressure...
Take my blog for example...it's now October, I think June was my last update.
Will get back into the swing of things soon.
Looking forward to regular interaction here!
Again thanks for your generous comments on my work.


Hi Wayne, I find myself dropping in for what I call a virtual coffee break - an espresso stop, no sugar!
Thanks for the link here, and for dropping in on my blog/home today, and for your encouraging comments...too much and too kind.
Will look forward to your posts.

So there will be a show?
Nick and I have taken front row seats it seems... Hi NNG :)(insert wave)

WAYNE said...

David, you're 'Shopfront series' of paintings is 'out there' and i commend others to go check out David's blog.

I needed to refresh my website and bring the images into sync with broadband standards. The addition of a blog seemed a natural extension since the web is increasingly interactive.

You mention 'there's no pressure' and that kindly-put open-ended comment speaks reams. Drolly it reminds me of our two dogs who *say so much without saying anything at all*. They are masters of *mindfulness* (eg sniffing the spring air, or basking in the sun for hours while keeping an ever-watchful ear and eye open for us). It is an art that is serene yet alert, both simple and complex.

WAYNE said...

Hi PG,
Thanks for adding a comment on my blog and on my very first post:)

..i don't add sugar either but i hasten to add that after reading your comment i feel in need of a coffee boost/break/whatever right now! (heh-heh)
..my wife Linda is checking the coffee jar level every day or so, and it's been dropping like i wish petrol prices were!

anyway congrats again on your inspiring art, and yes, i will try to get a (ah-hem) 'show' happening ...i.e. update my blog and web site reasonably regularly -- stay tuned, when you have time:)

cheers again ~W